Welcome to Pelikan AG

About Pelikan AG

Registered in Berlin, Pelikan AG is one of the leading brand suppliers of quality products such as stationery, office and writing materials and paper supplies.

Family of Brands

The company owns the brands "Pelikan", "herlitz", "Susy Card" and "Geha". The attractive and diverse range of products includes more than 12,000 articles - from pencil sharpeners to napkins, from school bags to high-quality writing instruments.

Product innovations include the trendy and high quality aluminium fountain pen Pelikano Up with ergonomic grip zone as well as the unique herlitz my.book flex notebook that features reusable protection sheets and exchangeable paper inserts. The Pelikan group supplies a range of stationery, office and writing materials and paper supplies optimised for the sales floor, for both food retailers and private and commercial specialist shops.

International Positioning

With more than hundred years of history, the international manufacturer of branded products is operating with 17 regional subsidiaries and sales companies inĀ  Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia (IPC - International Procurement Center for Asia). The Pelikan group has production facilities in Mexico, Colombia and Poland, but also in Germany, and its products are sold in almost every country of the world.

To support its product business, the company is also running service operations that provide logistics, merchandising and IT solutions to internal and external customers.

Company Structure in Germany

In Germany, Pelikan group comprises Pelikan AG, the Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft, the logistics service provider eCom Logistik and the IT service provider Mercoline.